KARTS Consult Chartered Accountants and Tax Practitioners is a firm of Chartered Accountants & Tax Practitioners providing Auditing, Accounting, Tax Consultancy, Research & Advisory services.

What we offer :

Audit, Tax, Advisory, Project Management, Risk Consulting, Management Consulting, Forensics, Transactions, Strategy and Operations, and Accounting

Thomas Appiah, CA, CIT, MBA. B.SC, DIP- EDUC
Atta Junior Antwi, CA, MBA. B.SC, DIP- EDUC
Nana Gyandor Coleman, CA, MBA. B.SC

Our clientele range spans private, public and state-owned organizations, and include members of Ghana’s ‘CLUB 100’.  This client base covers banking and financial institutions, tour operators, manufacturing, shipment, the hospitality industr, real estate developers, international funding agencies, state agencies and institutions and small and medium sized businesses in the commercial and industrial sectors.

What We Do


  • Auditing of financial statements
  • Conducting periodic / interim audit
  • Conducting internal auditing services
  • Conducting Forensic Audit (Investigate fraud)
  • Provide recommendations to improve weak internal controls and Institute effective internal control systems in the organizations.
  • Perform reconciliations of financial and operating information.
  • Monitor compliance with industry standards, laws, and guidelines.


  • Prepare tax return, appeal or other document under a tax law
  • Provide advice primarily regarding the interpretation or effect of a tax law
  • Carrying out tax audit
  • Representing taxpayers
  • Help in planning and managing entities’ Taxes

Internal Audit

  • Conducting internal audit service
  • Instituting effective internal control system in an organization


  • Data entry services
  • Basic accounting / book keeping
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Preparation of management accounts
  • Computation of payroll and filing of Tier I & Tier II
  • Carrying out periodic stock taking and valuation
  • Preparation of bank reconciliation statements
  • Installation of accounting software

Cost Accounting

  • Costing of projects
  • Preparation of periodic budget for companies
  • Developing cost standards for materials and labor.
  • Designing and implementing cost accounting systems.
  • Analyzing production costs and recommending changes.
  • Overseeing annual physical inventory.
  • Hiring, training and supervising cost and inventory accounting staff.


  • Assisting in the registration of business
  • Preparation of business plans/service agreements for project
  • Offering general business advisory services
  • Assisting management in making investment decisions.
  • Others

Project Work/Thesis

  • First Degree/ Masters/ PHD Project work/ Thesis
  • Assignments
  • Conducting market survey

Corporate Finance & Project Management

  • Restructuring and privatization
  • Financing and investment advisory services
  • Project evaluation and appraisals
  • Project management and quality assurance

Performance Improvement

  • Business process improvement and re-engineering 
  • Profit improvement through revenue engineering and cost   reduction programmes
  • Performance improvement, education and training
  • Development and establishment of best practices

Skill / Training

  • Knowledge in
  • Taxation principles, practices and procedures
  • Auditing principles, practices and procedures
  • Accounting principles, practices and procedures.
  • Mnagement and cost accounting.
  • Financial management and auditing practices.
  • Basic leadership practices.
  • Research.

Skill in 

  • Performing detailed numerical computations.
  • Preparing detailed report on a timely basis.
  • Both verbal and written communication.
  • The use of computer software.


We are committed to adding value to clients’ businesses by assisting clients to discover:

  • The best ways of doing things
  • The means of getting the best results from organizational resources
  • The techniques for satisfying and delighting customers
  • Survival techniques in a challenging business environment

Quality Assurance

The key philosophy of Karts Consult is high quality service delivery.  Every assignment is not only carefully planned and executed, but also subjected to a review process managed at partner level to give reasonable assurance that the risk of material error or misstatement is kept at a minimum. We recognize that the teamwork forged by our professional expertise and the clients’ intricate knowledge of their organization is invaluable to the quality of the end product.  

Therefore, we consciously engage our clients closely on every assignment in order to engender commitment and assist them to achieve the objectives of the assignment. Quality assurance is an integral part of the total assignment, from planning, through execution to final delivery.  Every assignment is ultimately the responsibility of a designated engagement partner.  The engagement partner is directly involved in the planning of the assignment and reviews and monitors the work at various stages.

The partner also reviews the completed assignment and issues a draft report for the review of, and discussion with, the client.  The partner ensures that all points and concerns raised are properly addressed before the final report is issued and signed off. Our unique mix of skills enables us to support our clients in the prudent use of their resources.